And time goes by…

Well a few weeks have passed since I started my blog. I’ve run a few Relax Kids classes, been approached about running 1-2-1s for children with additional needs, had a chat with the council about the sessions I’m going to be piloting in schools, spoke to my local children’s centre about gauging interest in Relax Kids class and replying to an email about funding for Relax Kids training, so it’s been pretty busy.  Oh, and I’ve also started up another business! I knew I should perhaps have had a generic name to my page name so that I could cover lots of things, but as it’s my blog I think I’ll do that anyway!  I’ve become a Barefoot Books Ambassador! Posh title eh?! I’m looking forward to getting my starter pack so that I can start running parties and putting those orders in, getting word out about Barefoot Books and hopefully making a few pennies as well. And given Christmas is not to far away it would be nice to have a few pennies to spend.

And on the second day….a little bit of self promotion….

Someone just made me cry. {Thank you. you know who you are!! xx on facebook]
It’s so lovely to hear how sessions go and I felt the need to share this feedback quite widely.

….My son and I had a fabulous 1to1 session with this lovely lady yesterday. My son has a rare chromosome disorder and does not cope with physical contact or people in his personal space. It was lovely to see him not only tolerating the massaging but actually smiling, laughing and enjoying it. It was lovely for me too to have that contact with him as he won’t even let me cuddle him. It was also very relaxing for both of us to just chill at the end of the session whilst some stories were read aloud. Thank you so much Kath

And on the first day….

Ok, so not quite the first day but in terms of social media quite a significant day for me! A very helpful fellow Relax Kids coach shared with us her knowledge and experience in social media, so on the train to London to meet up with my ex-work colleagues for a gossip and a bite to eat, I took the guide and a pen with me.  One thing I do miss about my ex-commute to London was my reading time so it was actually great to be able to sit back, relax and have a good old read (and make notes of course!)  Lunch was good, catch up was good but instead of shopping in London (as was the original plan) I hot-footed it back to Basingstoke to check out this advertising on Facebook lark!  So here we go. I started with 192 likes (built up through lovely friends on Facebook and friends of friends etc), then the lovely Relax Kids coach who wrote the guide liked my page and joy of joy someone else liked the page! So money well spent so far!! 194 likes and here we go.  Onwards and upwards.  Anyway, for those reading please do check out my Relax Kids Basingstoke page (and like me!) and subscribe to my beginners guide in moving out of the comfort zone into a totally different world blog. Happy days x